Barra’s Steamy Fake Interview

January 31, 2013

Barra - Fake Agent

Barra is one smoking hot blonde who came to the Fake Agent for her shot at fame in the adult industry. Shy at first, Barra hesitates to take off all of her clothes, but then gives in to the Fake Agent’s big hard cock and sucks it like a professional porn star before getting fucked hard from behind with the Fake Agent cumming hard inside her tight pussy!

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Blonde Cutie Lana Excited About Her Interview

November 29, 2012

Lana on Fake Agents Couch

Lana is a cute new blonde that is excited to have a shot at making the big times as a porn star. Little does she know that she is sitting on the casting couch of the Fake Agent.

With a gorgeous body and adorable smile, of course Lana would have gotten the part if she found a real casting agent. Lucky for us, she has a great naked body and loved to be toyed and fucked hard!

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Dark Haired and Dreadlocked Kyra Audition

November 29, 2012

Kyra Fake Porn Audition - Fake Agent

If you are into cute girls with dreadlocks that are in shape and looking for adult work, then Kyra is the perfect girl for you! It looks like she is perfect for ‘the part’, which of course doesn’t exist. 😉

Once Kyra strips out of those skin tight pants and black bra and panties, she shows off her punk body and big tramp stamp. Then Kyra does her best to catch the attention of the Fake Agent’s big cock, which she does successfully but never leads to anything more..

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Cute Christine gets a Fake Porn Audition

November 29, 2012

Christine on Casting Couch - Fake Agent

Here is Christine, a very cute Brunette with nice tits, shaved pussy and some nice tattoos that wants to be an actress, adult or not. She doesn’t seem too shy, either, as she shows off her gorgeous body while trying to get the part. Sorry Christine, you won’t be hired by the Fake Agent, but you sure fuck like a pro!

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Eve’s Hot Audition in Black Stockings

November 29, 2012

Eve Fake Agent on Couch

Porn auditions can bring in some extremely attractive girls, and Eve is definitely in that category! This fun filled hottie comes in dressed for the part in a pair of super sexy black stockings and red lingerie. She is immediately comfortable stripping completely naked as she toys herself and spreads her perfect fuckable ass to the camera. Then she demonstrates her ‘experience’ for the Fake Agent, which ends up in a big mess of cum on Eve’s smooth shaven pussy and stomach.

Eve definitely would have gotten the part, if there was one…

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Naughty Vivi Great Blowjob and Fucked Hard

November 29, 2012

Vivi Casting Couch - Fake Agent

Vivi is one cute dark haired girl who came in for an adult video audition. Little does she know, she is sitting on the Fake Agent’s casting couch! She can fuck the best that she can, but she won’t ever get the part. Too bad, since she came dressed in some very sexy panties and gives one hell of a good blowjob!

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